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12 September 2011

RH Bill in the Philippines should be considered. Agree or Disagree?

rh bill in the philippines

RH bills are made to improve the lives of the citizens in the Philippines. Without a doubt, I uphold the said notion.

Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution says, in part, “Section 12. The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.Despite the legal restrictions In 2000, one study estimated 78,900 women were hospitalized for post-abortion care, 473,400 women had abortions and the abortion rate was 27 per 1,000 women aged 15–44 per year. Two-thirds of Filipinas who have abortions, attempt to self-induce, or seek solutions from those who practice folk medicine.


In part, it is correct to say that contraceptive agents (IUD and hormonal pills) act after fertilization and could be a possible cause of abortion. The Anti- RH bill citizen’s dispute that if human life begins at fertilization, then why the government would allow the destruction of the early embryo? In studies, at the stage of fertilization, human genetic code is already complete, thus it makes up a new being. The primary mechanism of oral contraceptives is to inhibit the ovulation. However, this is not always accomplished. When ovulation progress occurs, the secondary mechanism functions to prevent clinically recognized pregnancy. This secondary mechanism acts either before or after fertilization. The Post-fertilization effects as they all argue about, is somehow a traumatic feeling for women who haven’t understood the process, or no informed consent. In addition, IUD is another form of contraceptive which prevents pregnancy. This has been also an issue because of the potential problem it can cause to the woman; example to this is the sepsis. Those affected by sepsis are people whose immune systems (the body’s defense against microbes) are not functioning well because of an illness (such as diabetes or AIDS) or because of medical treatments (such as chemotherapy for cancer or steroidsfor a number of medical conditions) that weaken the immune system, are more prone to develop sepsis. Please note that it is important to remember that even healthy people can become septic.


Nevertheless, Reproductive Scientists have defined pregnancy as the point after implantation happens. To explain what implantation means, it is the event where the human embryo fuses to the uterine lining. Although this cannot change the definition as what people believe that life starts at fertilization. It also affects patients who agreed with the certain form of contraception but still allow fertilization or even causes loss of the embryo. However, it is important for the physician to inform patients regarding the OC’s mechanism and possible effects so as the woman can have the decision whether to start contraception or not. In terms of the use of IUD, it has a strong possibility of sepsis or infection if there is a lack of knowledge towards the device. As a result, the need of regular check-up is a must to prevent such implication. This is the purpose why the government, not only distributing birth control supplies, but also disseminating information about the contraceptive agents through health care centers. Lastly, contraceptive agents are advised but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can decide base on their beliefs.


It is worth mentioning the fact that the drastic socio-economic conditions of the Filipino poor, needs great assistance from the government. If the birth rate is increasing every year then it could only pull down the economic status and adding more burdens to the country. Not only referring to the socio-economic status but also crime rate will rise too due to dire poverty, a sky high unemployment rate and a lot of uneducated Filipinos because of few public schools available. With regards to health, high mortality rate of mothers and babies can be expected. Even maternal complications of various reasons may possibly occur.  If we know how to discipline ourselves like China, we might help improve the well-being of every Filipino families, especially the lives of women who are at risk of giving birth and the children will be supplied with their needs especially education. Moreover, the poor can atleast cope up to providing each member of their family. On the other hand, the provisions of the government and the NGO’s can deliver universal access to methods of birth control and maternal care.


Having said the above important reasons, the RH Bill is a proposed legislation that needs to be considered. It promotes quality life, by encouraging family planning, especially the poor, to help realize that importance of giving good life to their offsprings.




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